Work for YAY

You Against You® is constantly growing and the demand on high-quality media increases. We are now looking for a photographer and a cameraman (big plus if you handle both!). We are looking for a skilful and flexible person who loves to create. The service is ideal for you who are newly started / student and are hungry to get your name out – you will get the glory through all the media such as our homepage, blog, Instagram, facebook and so on!

The service involves photographing / filming during our training sessions etc (video-blog / event etc) which you will then be edited and published within 1-2 days after the session. As a photographer, you should also be able to set up specific photography for portraits / fashion photography (upcoming clothing line) and so on.

Send your application today! 

Tell us a little about yourself, your experience. Add to your website / Instagram or other media that show what you’ve created. Don’t forget add which equipment you use! We’re living in Stockholm, Sweden and would like to see you the same (some projects may be short notice). We look forward to hearing from you!