A great dream requires a great guidance.

Online Coaching is based on customized diet/ training and dietary supplements schedule online. You receive coaching through e-mail all the way to your destination, which means that you can always get in touch with me to maintain the right track towards your goals and dreams.

You will send a report every two weeks. In your report, you describe how it goes with the training, how the diet works, what results you achieved, any difficulties, questions and more. We can, through your reports constantly monitor your progress and together with you assess whether there needed to be done any changes.

I want you to get the maximum out of my help, I am convinced that it is always possible to find a workable path that will allow you to achieve your specific goals. I create the tools that will lead you forward, all you have to do is rely on my knowledge and belief in your self-action. “It’s all about you against you”

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  • 3 Picture of your current physique is a plus!
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Contact: niklas@youagainstyou.com