Knowledge of proper performance leads to personal progress.

My name is Niklas Wadman, I’m an international licensed personal trainer, nutrition advisor and health coach. With my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and experience from all aspects of fitness & health, I will help you tailor an approach towards a better life that is in line with your personal condition and goals – and with the greatest respect for your health and your prosperous in basis.

With me as your personal trainer you get the right tools to fulfill your deepest diserie. It’s not just about exercise, it’s about reaching the dreams and goals of your life – both physical and mental. We will focus on both functional exercise as mental training and development, also your nutrition and put great emphasis on the important recovery and rest. It’s not about just an hour at the gym, it’s the rest of the 23 hours that counts and we’ll fint common ways forward in a balanced and structured approach.

No matter where you are in your training, as a beginner or as an exerciser who wants to take a further step in the development, or maybe you want to take your training to the next level to compete? Do not hesitate to contact me for a personal meeting.

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